• We'll treat you like family

    Here at Bellevue Harmony Dental we firmly believe these are not just empty words. That is why we will work really hard to provide you and your family with the professional care and personal attention you deserve.

    Smiling and laughing is how you share the joyful moments with your families, and we'll make sure you won't think twice about showing your smile in those precious moments.

  • Our Services

    We offer a full range of professional services for all ages. These include:

    • - General Dental Care – cleanings, examinations, x-rays, sealants and composite (tooth colored) fillings.
    • - Restoration Dentistry – crowns, bridgework, implants and dentures.
    • - Periodontics – treatment of gum problems.
    • - Endodontics – root canal therapy to save teeth.
    • - Cosmetic Dentistry – composite and porcelain bonding.
    • - Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) treatment.
    • - Dry mouth treatment.
    • - Treatment of systemic diseases effects on the mouth.
    • - Cancer screening and early diagnosis.
    • - Use of nitrous oxide, and other anesthetic techniques to assist nervous or anxious patients.
    • - Clean and hygienic environment.
  • Our Office

    Conveniently located only two blocks away from the Microsoft main campus in Redmond, our office is in the Northup Place building on NE 20th St, across the street from Trader Joe's.

    We are on the left side of the ground floor of the building, with our own wheelchair-accesible entrance.

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    We want to keep the conversation with our patients and friends open. If you want to follow our posts, or you have a comment for us, stop by our Facebook page. We will be covering there range of topics - health tips, child brushing, new products. And we'll also be reading and responding to all the feedback or suggestions from you.